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Food to Go

includes home made stews or soups with sliced breadWraps include , jackfruit, Tofu, falafel which include a crunchy salad.

We have avariety of salad boxes and sandwiches on request

Stews – wholesome, hearty and delicious homemade stews or soups using the finest organic vegetables & spices available, usually served with plain or seeded artisan sliced bread. Winter favourites include Mixed Vegetable Stew, Tuscany Stew, 5 Bean and Tomato Stew,  Celery soup and Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup to name a few

Curries – delicious homemade curries using the finest organic vegetables & spices available, usually served with vegan garlic & coriander naan bread or with a seeded artisan sliced bread. Favourites include: Thai Red, Thai Green, Sri Lankan and  Chana Masala

Wraps – Our fresh, flavourful and delicious wrap fillings include: BBQ Jackfruit, Marinated Tofu, Falafel, Vegan Tuna, Spanish Special and  Ploughman’s all served with a crunchy rainbow salad, along with a choice of pickled gherkins or cucumber or beetroot.

Sandwiches – Our filling and savoury  Sandwiches can be found ready made in our Chiller Section.

Salad box – We have seriously satisfying salad boxes made on request, available in regular or large sizes. There are a choice of fillings available that include Falafel, Jackfruit, Cheese and Marinated Tofu… all served with homemade Hummus, Crunchy Rainbow Salad and a choice of dressings.

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Bacon Sandwich


BLT Sandwich


Pasties – Satisfying Vegan Cornish Pasties made from a traditional seasoned blend of potato, onion, swede and beef style pieces (wheat gluten, soya & veg oil) all encased in a delicate puff pastry. There is also Vegan Chicken and Mushroom pasties available.

Sausage rolls – Meat free sausage rolls, traditional as it gets, they are plant based with a wheat gluten & soya filling which are encased in a flaky and light puff pastry.

Pies – Delicious Country Style Mushroom pies are filled with fresh mushrooms and chicken-style pieces encased in a crisp golden puff pastry or the pepper steak style pie which is a delicious vegetable protein pieces and a cracked pepper sauce all enclosed in a crisp golden puff pastry.

All Baked on our Premises!

The finest ingredients, Original recipes