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When Andrew and Karen opened the Riverside Deli in Barrowford, it was about much more than simply showcasing the wonderful flavours of vegan and vegetarian foods and their many exciting possibilities.

They wanted to show that the foods that vegans eat are the cornerstones of a healthy diet. Plant based foods such as Wholegrains, pulses, beans, nuts, seeds, fruit & vegetables and moreā€¦ are far easier to digest for the simple reason that humans evolved on plant-based diets and are adapted to them.

The Riverside Deli specialises in takeaway food of exceptional quality, including wraps, stews, soups, curries, paninis, bagels and sandwiches, all of which demonstrate the incredible range of options available using only vegan ingredients.

Deli Counter

A range of fresh local food from pastries to cupcakes, only vegan ingredients sourced. All cakes are dairy free.

Dry Goods

In the dry goods retail section we have many Organic and Gluten Free products, range includes Nut Roast, Pasta, Crisps, Snacks, herds and spices, preserves, and many more


We have a variety of chilled products including Sheeses, black pudding, coconut Steaks, Burgers, squirty cream all dairy free.

Frozen Produce

We offer a small range of frozen Foods including the Amazing Fry’s Range, One Planet Vegan Pizza’s and Clive’s Pies, Tarts & Nut Roast.

Beauty Range

Riverside Deli are proud to have the award-winning Vegan TROPIC BEAUTY CARE RANGE available to our customers

Tribe Tree Clothes

Leaf leather is an innovative plant based leather alternative made from tree leaves.

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Eat plant based food as health is wealth